Social Performance

Joshua Muchuki

Social Performance

Nakumatt Supermarket

Strayer University


DR . Allan Beck

04 30, 2013

About Us

Nakumatt supermarket is recognized as a prime supermarket in East Africa. Established in 1987, we certainly have shaped and built the business in our founding principles of providing a variety of affordable, top quality brands and excellent and superior in order to our consumers. Our types include convenience stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets. We serve 200, 000 clients per day and give a range of over seventy five, 000 products. As Nakumatt holdings, we all passionately rely on active cultural engagement with customers and our environment, and have ensured it creates a care a part of our organization. We carry on and spearhead numerous community advancement projects in health, entrepreneurship, sports, lifestyle, environment, education and urban restoration. We now have worked hard to build social relationships with our customers, workers, suppliers, corporate and business partners current East African community at large. This has written for our outstanding roll of honour, which include prestigious and coveted regional and intercontinental accolades. Our work is to create a chain of superstores in strategic places delivering quality, value, support, variety and lifestyle, with convenient opening hours offering everyone the chance to shop by Nakumatt. Nakumatt Stakeholders

Nakumatt stakeholders possess increased influence on each of our businesss actions as community citizenship and social responsibility have been regularly integrated into our business managing. Customers, workers, communities and business lovers are among our crucial stakeholders groupings that carry weight in Nakumatt decisions and activities. Customers and Community

Nakumatt customers took over as being a central affect for each of our business. This may not be because Nakumatt do not desire to maximize income, instead, it is because they have generally recognized that satisfied customers and long-term...

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