Values Vs Income

The ethical problems that was stated in this case first is the disregarding of dangerous products and low quality products. The organization is still liberating or selling products that does not meet the standards in the approved item. This is not healthful for the organization because they could lose big clientele because of defects and this could also ruin the business name. Second is the misdirected selling methods and methods of the sales representatives. Instead of selling the merchandise to the clients fair and square, they may be offering particular benefits, incentives or presents to the clientele so that the favour of their clientele will always be their own. This action officially is certainly not wrong in the event this event may happen regurlarly like giving promotions or perhaps discounts mainly because promos and discounts simply lasts for selected period of time just like 1 whole month for example , but making the sale not as a result of features and benefits of the items but as a result of incentives plus the gifts the fact that sales reps are supplying is very wrong. Mainly because the clients are taking advantage of your product certainly not because they are satisfied and content with their item but due to because of the misdirected techniques in the representatives. If you feel of it, the corporation will not last that long if this kind of practice continues mainly because you can't guarantee that the clients are satisfied with goods. If they are seriously not satisfied and they run out of gifts and incentivesthey will not likely purchase the products anymore, as well as the company will not know that the clients are certainly not satisfied since the sales rep really will not care in the event the clients are satisfied or perhaps not, provided that he/she complies with his/her sampling, he/she's great. This is an additional problem because not knowing exactly what are the strenghts and weak points, pros and cons, what the customers like about the product and the actual hate about the product is extremely fatal into a company. The company won't be in a position to improve the merchandise, maintain...



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