Analyse Digesting a subject region or theme into independent parts and examining this content to show the way the main ideas are related and why they can be important. Evaluation An informed view made about someone or something in order to assess effectiveness. Assessment requirements The tips for the requirements of your assignment tasks. Assessment framework Specialist frameworks against which usually children's development is scored Attachment The forming of any close bond with key care giver Barriers A great obstruction which can be stopping improvement in some way. This might be either physical or mental Bereavement Loosing a loved one through death

Behaviourist Research the way kids repeat action in response to reinforcement and stimuli (Pavlov) Brief/concise That contains only the necessary information, with no extra depth Bi-lingual A chance to speak two languages easily

Multi-lingual The ability to speak more than two languages easily Case study A scenario used an activity to offer an example of a predicament or analyze Charities Organisations working for great causes on a non profit basis Child Persons to the age of 18 years according to the UNCRC Code of execute A set of guidelines outlining the responsibilities of a person party or organisation Prevalent assessment construction A distributed assessment and planning platform to be used by almost all practitioners employed by children solutions in all areas in England and Northern Ireland in europe. The CAF came out of saving money paper Every single Child Matters and (DfES 2003) plus the Children's Work 2004. This kind of outlined a framework of assessment popular among all professionals working with children who may be vulnerable children, as a way to get involved before a scenario reached catastrophe point. Successful communication, kid and young people development, safeguarding and advertising the wellbeing of the child, supporting change, multi-agency working, sharing details, the 6th areas of skills, knowledge and expertise the fact that English government believe being essential for all of the working with children and young adults. Communication The exchange details by speaking, writing, signal language or behaviour. (Communication can be mental or low verbal) Competence the ability to take a step well, assessed against a normal, especially potential Confidentiality Retain writing or perhaps verbal data private – sharing only with a limited number of people Culture Shared morals, tradition, arts, music, literary works, customs, meals. Clothes, religious beliefs, methods and social behaviours Routine A sequence of events that may be repeated again and again Deprivation Getting deprived of something electronic. g. basic needs such as food and housing Separate Identify right after between several things Disability A mental of physical impairment which has a substantial and long term undesirable effect of top marks person's capacity to perform regular day to day activities (Disability Discrimination Take action 1995) Discrimination Treating people unfairly because of prejudice about religion, sexuality, race or perhaps ethnicity Diversity The difference between individuals and groups in society as a result of gender, ethnic origins, sociable, cultural or religious qualifications, family framework, disabilities, sexuality and appearance. Responsibility of treatment A necessity to physical exercise a reasonable amount of attention and caution in order to avoid negligence which in turn would cause harm to others (page 43 course text) Economic Concerning money/income

Educational professionals Individuals working within educational establishment electronic. g. instructors, head instructors, educational specialists. Emotional development The development of thoughts (Bowlby) Equal rights Being viewed and remedied as equal to all others in society Equal rights of chance Giving all individuals in society similar opportunity to reach their total potential Considering performance Discover the strength of your speed and agility reviewing how well...



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