Log on Yoga and the Artwork of Motorcycle Maintenance

п»їNatalia Cooper

Mrs. McGreevy

Period 5

several January 2014

TOK Wintertime Break Projects

Chapter 10:

To me precisely what is appealing regarding science is the fact it provides perception and a chance of learning the world through which I live – nevertheless the detail in which Phaedrus research each hypothesis and how his curiosity and list of ideas to test develops is what I do not like regarding science. We am not just a rather curious or imaginative person and I see zero purpose in studying the earth in this kind of depth…some of the complicated procedure I i am required to analyze in technology classes appear to be such a waste of time. I actually am following a logic of what the narrator is saying about hypotheses yet I feel like I was missing the major point here At the point of realization that not everything in life can be regarded did Phaedrus just made a decision to stop trying? Part 11:

I agree with the gentleman that feels as though many day-to-day institutions become more invested in enriching their own interests and income and drop sight with the greater great & purpose they were designed to fulfill. It's interesting just how much he is studying himself plus the world around him when he is not in school but in the military services Phaedrus discovered so much on his " assortment drift” yet he acknowledges that a formal education is very important if one particular wants to pursue anything nowadays I like this quote " It's very hard when considered in advance, so easy when you do it”. I can relate this to the relatively tough jobs of your life I believe which i have a soul.

My spouse and i also assume that reality is basically changing – kind of like this adage that says " you can never part of the same water twice” a river is still a river nonetheless it is never ever the same river as it was a week ago. I apply this towards the concept of truth. Chapter of sixteen

I identify with the intelligent girl that was assigned to write an essay in not the us but only Bozeman. I also lack creativity and imagination so writing is hard for me. Finding concepts and points through this book to create...



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