Ofw Children

At present, more women are leaving the region to job abroad. Based on Dr . Lourdes Arellano- Carandang's research, with the 2-3 1000 worker who leave 70 percent are girls; 85% are from the lower- income mount and in all their early 20's. The average regarding the children left behind is 10 years old beneath. When moms leave home, fathers infrequently step into fulfill motherly tasks or perhaps roles. In some instances, fathers will ask other female family members, or even their mothers for taking over the function of mom. When dads leave the house, mothers will often double all their time to fulfill their responsibilities as the mother and father of their children. The amount of money earned by OFW mother or father allows many children to attend private universities, participate in extra- curricular actions and surpass to a point, usually in the elementary years. But children of migrant mothers, will not do well. They may be reported to be lonely, irritated, unloved, unresponsive, afraid, and weird compare to all categories of children. OFW children grieve, worry, and fantasized about their parents returning. In time, they become numb to the absence, they become like orphans. Young children deal by playing, while more mature ones strike up friendships and rationalize the departure of their parents. That is not eradicate the hurt and resentment on the parents. OFW teenagers, specifically females, find the inclination to look somewhere else for parent care, really them enter promiscuous marriage or be a little more vulnerable to violent relationships with older men. They are also prone to criminal offenses, drug dependencies, alcoholism and gender- identity problems.



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