Manifestation of Australia's Boat Persons: Perception of Events and Situations Motivated by the Press

Fact and Representation

Today, the way all of us perceive events and situations is largely affected by the general public representation with the issue. Multimedia plays a major part in how we observe certain circumstances, and helps form our perceptions towards these people. One of the issues of current significgsance may be the Australian immigration policy and the treatment of " Boat People”. In this article, I will argue that there is misrepresentations of this issue in the public rendering such as the media the worries that are natural include, propaganda, the use of certain language as well as the widespread lack of knowledge about demography. I will be discussing those inside my article.

Like with any kind of social issue, the government and media try to put forward a specific agenda that will benefit them and their passions. In the issue of " Boat People” the mass media in some cases uses propaganda to get their suggestions across. Promozione is defined as info, which is used in an attempt to convince you of a certain viewpoint (Desai 2014). In the multimedia, stories happen to be " spun” as they are presented to you. For example , when a report about a Vessel carrying immigrants is told on the news, it can be from the point of view in the Australian federal government and not from the point of view of the immigrants. This gives you only one part of the story. " Spin becomes destructive and can be employed unethically in the next deployed by using a media interaction device in large scale general public issues” (Desai 2014). The Agenda from the Australian federal government is to end the Boats coming. So they will rotate the story to match their would like, which is unethical. Media promozione and " spin " is also apparent in the terminology that is used.

The type of terminology which is used to symbolize issues plays a big portion in the way you perceive the situation. Calling these types of immigrants who are typically escaping horrible conditions and war-torn countries " Motorboat People” can be disrespectful to them. By simply calling them " Fishing boat People” that labels these people as a diverse kind of...



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