Rosewood Accommodations and Places Case


Strategic problems and concerns: The following report will explain and assess the case of any private hotel management company called " Rosewood Accommodations and Resorts”. Rosewood hotels have 12 distinctive hotels worldwide using a strong brand image that makes each home unique. The dilemma found in this case is whether to keep the existing individual personalisation strategy or perhaps create a company branding strategy, without undercutting the distinctiveness of each hotel. To do so the next points will probably be covered:    Recommendation on individual vs . corporate personalisation strategies. Qualitative analysis considering pros and cons of each and every branding strategy Quantitative analysis estimating the impact of Rosewood's corporate marketing strategy about customer lifetime value (CLTV)

Recommendations: Even as will see in the qualitative analysis there are numerous disadvantages if the new technique is implemented. However coming from an economic standpoint we will see that implementing a fresh branding approach is better to get the company since the NPV per guest is bigger (see quantitative analysis). Taking into account the Customer Life time Value Unit Rosewood should implement a corporate branding technique. However to minimize the disadvantages it would be important to keep the term of a few emblematic hotels such as " Carlyle” to ensure that the customers to remain faithful. These accommodations can add the name " Rosewood”, to hold its consumers aware that they will belong to this kind of chain.


Qualitative research: The pros and cons of creating a new logos image would be the followings kinds: Advantages:      Increase cross-selling rates (guests who stay at certainly one of Rosewood real estate to stay a few of the others) from 5-10% to 10-15%. Enter into a bigger market (luxury market), currently its focus on is a subset of the high-class market (only exclusive " collection” hotels). Increase the brand-awareness of Rosewood. High consumer loyalty Just about every hotel can become more standard...



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