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Music has always been a part of humankind. It's like a spice that adds taste to the unoriginal life of individuals. As early as the 30's, a genre of music called " mountain & roll” made an uprising. A whole lot of labels had been well-known to the stated genre, which includes Elvis Presley who had been later on named as the " King of Mountain n' Roll”.

Even in the Philippines, these kinds of music has also been well-oriented to the people. It started in the early 80's- 90's where in local rock bands including the Dawn, Eraserheads, Rivermaya, Parokya ni Edgar etc . made their way in popularizing Novelty Mountain Songs.

The researcher decided to perform a study regarding Francis Mañalac, better generally known as " Bamboo”, for the said musician is one of the most significant artists back from his days with Rivermaya so far that however gone single. The identity Bamboo started to be more popular when the rock band " Bamboo” taken from the artist's nickname, manufactured an pandemonium in the Philippine Music Industry until it disbanded in the year 2011.

However the group have been disbanded, Bamboo took this as a moving stone for his performing career. Being absorbed by ASAP, and being a assess in the Reality Television Singing Competition " The Tone of voice of the Philippines”, gave him more options in the Music Industry.

At the age of 37, Bamboo bedding still has the charm towards the masses, mostly to young adults. The investigator thinks this is perhaps due to way Bamboo sheets performs onstage, and his type of singing differs from the others to others. And that is why this study is somewhat significant. The researcher wants to find out what it is with Bamboo sheets that manufactured him turn into an organization in the Filipino Music Sector. And what that makes the people say, " tatak Bamboo ‘yan”.



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