Declaration of Goal


Statement of Purpose- Management Information Systems, MS

Section: Management Information Systems Office

College: Pace University


Information - its development, publication, storage space, retrieval, evaluation and synthesis - is becoming central towards the survival on most contemporary institutions. MIS professional have a multitude of careers open to them, with new varieties of specialization opening almost daily reacting to fresh challenges to society. In about any sector of your economy, a single finds persons grappling with problems info management, making your knowledge and skills significantly valuable. Profession opportunities happen to be varied and interesting; and, lifelong learning is highly valued.

That has perhaps prompted me as a techno professional to go for MS program in MIS; where by landing into a system to see closely the global technology challenges, new innovation as well as application.


I have completed my Graduation, Bachelors of Architectural in Information Science news from India's most renowned university i. e. Visvesvaraya technological university or college, Belgaum. In that case; worked with corporations like Snipe IT Limited as a Computer software Engineer intended for 1 year five Months. During this period, I have a new number of challenges and true to life scenarios which helped me almost put to use various concepts of business administration. Additionally , fund (corporate financing and capital markets) has been one of my personal key strength areas. Excellent fair comprehension of concepts in ERP, particularly pertaining to SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS ERP. My work experience and understanding of organization processes, in conjunction with educational training in SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS ERP, provides helped understand number of business processes linked to Material Supervision, Sales & Distribution and Customer romance Management. This would be a big assist in my MS study.


In my recent years various trainings and involvement in ERP...



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