The 500 Blows by Truffaut Comments

Verification and Reading commentary

The 400 produces (Francois Truffaut, 1959)

Paper by Lucien Bourjeily

After observing " the 400 blows” one seems a very strong connection between filmmaker and the subject of the film which in turn turns out to be present even more than anticipated considering that the film should indeed be semi-autobiographical and most of the occasions depicted in the film will be directly motivated from Truffaut's own troubled youth and his uneasy romance with his parents (Neupert, History, 182). Yet , what one could expect coming from a " new wave” film is usually not directly visible at first sight want it is in Breathless (Godard, 1960), although, as soon as we get deeper into dissecting film production company we realize that it is still not ordinary and it is full of unforeseen twists concerning both by and content.

1st, the really informative approach My spouse and i felt was your point of view through which Truffaut chooses to tell us the story and the way he portrayed children and especially the key protagonist Antoine (Jean-Pierre Léaud) as fully aware of what is happening to him, thus, staying away from all sorts of clichés about kids as Camarads du Film known in its review: " the actual novelty in the 400 Produces was that Antoine is not a tearful, fearful child but rather a real person and a survivor” (Neupert, History, 184). The field that depicts this one of the most is most most likely when he 1st decides to leave the house, after he is trapped claiming that his mom is lifeless as a reason to lacking a day by school, to sleeps for a creating press. This individual takes this decision with out hesitation or perhaps anxiety regarding the future then goes back to varsity the next day as though nothing unconventional has happened to him. Most certainly this rebellious habit and this original viewpoint of an independent and self conscious 13 years of age boy attracts teenagers who were a central audience to the French New Wave motion pictures (Neupert, History, 15)....

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